We were first-time homebuyers and loved working with Dave. He walked us through every step of the process and has great communication skills and a great vibe. We loved that he’s experienced and also chill and personable. The home-buying process is super time-consuming and emotional, so it was really wonderful to partner with Dave as he has lots of positive energy.


Whether buying or selling on Maui, if you are looking for the best real estate agent, you should call Dave Futch. In the past, I’ve bought and sold a number of homes and worked with a number of agents, but Dave is the absolute best REALTOR that I’ve ever worked with. Because he’s lived and worked here for so long, he really knows the island. His expertise was evident throughout the process. He’s encouraging, upbeat, respectful, patient, and professional. He has a wealth of resources to draw upon to aid in the sale or purchase of a home. At times, for the seller or the buyer, the process can feel a bit stressful, but Dave’s calm and confidence helped me to focus on the goal and his advice proved true in the end. His sales skills were evident when I first interviewed him to help get my home sold, and it was clear that I need look no further. You will feel the same way, I am sure!


It was great working with Dave. We picked him for his knowledge of upcountry Maui and his online presence for upcountry, specifically. Dave is very easy to work with and very efficient. He facilitated small repairs, landscaping, and other maintenance tasks which were extremely helpful since we were selling from a distance. He also helped us understand the Maui market and price the house just right. Highly recommended in every way!


Dave has great communication skills combined with an extremely responsive approach that made my buying experience exceptional, far exceeding expectations and the routine. Much gratitude for his service.


I was immediately impressed with Dave as a very accomplished Maui real estate professional and most importantly as a genuinely caring soul when we first met. Dave represented us as buyers in a dual representation and helped both buyer and seller navigate through some very challenging market conditions and situations. He pays attention to all the details and is very responsive, kind, and caring. We were able to close in 30 days. I have the highest degree of trust and respect for Dave, a great person, and much gratitude for his help in finding us a wonderful home here in Maui.


I would describe Dave as easygoing, yet completely on top of his game at the same time. Extremely easy to work with, great at communicating! He was extremely helpful being our eyes on the ground when we couldn't physically be there. When it comes to negotiating, he was more than willing to put forth our thoughts and desires and they were realized!


I am glad for the opportunity to enthusiastically endorse Dave Futch as a real estate professional with skills above and beyond the norm for the Maui market. His comprehensively sound performance set him and his team well above the typical levels of the competition. As a repeat client and customer of Dave, the return to him and his team as my #1 choice to handle our transactions speaks volumes. With the numerous choices for adequate representation, I choose to go with superior experience and insight. See you for the next one Dave!


We had a great home-buying experience with Dave Futch. His knowledge of the local market and honesty made our purchase less stressful. It was also great that he has a very upbeat demeanor even when we were outbid on one property.


Dave was extremely helpful in completing a sale of my family home while I was off-island. He was available almost 24/7 and was always respectful of the time difference when it came to making deadlines etc. He was unfailingly friendly and *honest* (even when I didn’t want to hear the truth) knowing that I could trust him made an emotionally charged transaction less difficult. Selling the home where my family shared so many special moments was extremely difficult and Dave was always sympathetic to my feelings. His energy, honesty, and kindness made a big difference.


If you are looking for a trusted advisor who will show patience and expertise regarding your wants and needs, as well as what is possible within your budget, Dave is your guy. My wife and I spent over a year working with Dave as we tried to find the right home in Maui. During that time Dave was in regular communication with us, sharing insights and ideas as well as visiting and reviewing new homes and properties that potentially met our needs as they came onto the market. Fast forward, we now own the home and property that dreams are made of. I can't say enough good things about Dave and his service. If you want to fulfill the dream of living in paradise, you can trust Dave to help assist you. We did, and you should too.


Dave sold two properties for us: a piece of land on the Hana Highway and a house with a cottage up in Kula. He is always positive, engaging, and conscientious. Dave’s values were aligned with ours and he always gave great advice; giving attention to every detail and handling everything with grace. His recommendations for a carpenter, plumber, electrician, window washer, house cleaner, and amazing photographer were a tremendous help! The showing was a breeze! Everything moved smoothly despite Covid challenges.


Dave is experienced and professional but what sets him apart is his genuine joy and positivity. Buying/selling real estate can often be quite stressful but Dave's guidance kept everything in perspective and moving forward with confidence. I recommend Dave!


Dave embodies the spirit of Aloha open heart, deep listening, and positive perspective. He was always respectful and solution-focused, having huge amounts of patience with a difficult tenant trying to block the sale of my house. His enthusiasm and honesty created a truly collaborative experience. Dave went above and beyond at every point in the process. I know I will work with him again in the future. Mahalo Nui loa Dave.


Dave’s knowledge and experience bring the best of the best to the real estate transaction. I would truly trust him with any real estate transaction as his education and decades of experience buying and selling homes has given him an edge over other REALTOR. His marketing skills, his, approach to sharing the facts, and his communication skills or expert. You can count on Dave to give you his very best service as well as at most attention to detail, always.


Dave Futch is a down-to-earth REALTOR with a savage edge. He's quick, answers your calls, questions, and concerns, gets you in, and closes the deal! I called other REALTOR and amazingly the first 3 did not answer or their emails were full. Not Dave Futch! Dave answered on the 2nd ring and set me up a showing within 2 days of my call. I can't say enough about Dave except call him if you want to buy or sell. He's the best on Maui hands down!


Dave was very attentive and helpful. This was a 1031 exchange that required great attention to detail. Dave was all over it. Highly recommended. Other members of our family have engaged Dave to help sell their properties.


Dave is the best, he helped us in so many ways. Not only did Dave make the purchasing process smooth and easy, but he also helped us with moving to Maui. Our purchase was complicated for several reasons and Dave knew exactly what to do and who to contact to make it go smoothly. We highly recommend Dave!


Dave is very knowledgeable, thorough, and super friendly. We are very happy with the excellent service he provided. He helped us to buy a very nice piece of a multi-family property in upcountry, Maui in the year 2013. Again, in the year 2021, he helped us with buying a piece of vacant land in Haiku. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in both selling and buying properties in Maui.


My wife and I decided to move to Maui, a place we'd visited frequently but never lived. Buying a home remotely is an incredible challenge, but Dave honestly made the process as easy as possible - his excellent knowledge of neighborhoods, excellent knowledge of the market, and truly outstanding videos and walk-throughs of properties made the entire process as easy a buying experience as we've ever had!


Dave exuded the Aloha spirit with friendship and goodwill from all our interactions with him. He has a very down-to-earth, easy-going personality that makes working with him a pleasant experience. Our purchase transaction on a Maui condo with Dave as our buyer's agent was "sight unseen" due to the COVID-19 travel and quarantine restrictions but he was our eyes and ears on the island. He made us feel comfortable and we placed a lot of trust in him and he did not disappoint. From initial contact to final closing he maintained a professional attitude always willing to do what was necessary to help you finalize the transaction. I would not hesitate to contact Dave again for future real estate transactions in Maui.


With 30+ yr intimate knowledge of the Maui landscape, Dave Futch is the REALTOR who you want in Maui! He helped us to locate and purchase our dream home in Haiku (N. Shore Oceanview). Maui can be a very tricky place to buy a home with the challenges of competitive buyers, unusual seller disclosure issues, and the limited supply overall. From the outset, Dave prepped and guided us on how to become a strong buyer, and equipped us to be nimble once the right property surfaced. He helped us navigate and overcome so many obstacles in the process, and became my zen counselor and friend, in addition to being an ace REALTOR! We love Dave; he’s simply the best, and you should tap into his know-how and expertise too! I’d give him a 7-star rating if that were possible!


Dave made my dreams come true, and I seriously couldn't have done it without him. His expertise in the Maui market, and willingness to work hard regardless of my situation, allowed me to keep moving forward even when there was little hope. I felt like I was his only client with the amount of attention he gave us. Whether I was making a straightforward offer or something we had to brainstorm for an hour on our approach, he was there for us every step of the way. My situation made it challenging to find exactly what I wanted, but Dave delivered. He never gave up and treated us like family. Always looking out for our best interest. I've never met anyone with such professionalism and an easygoing personality. I can't wait to recommend him to the next person who needs a REALTOR in Maui. Absolute best experience!


Dave is very knowledgeable about Maui real estate and was very good about telling me the process step by step. He responds quickly to messages and has the above-and-beyond attitude that I like. I would recommend Dave!


Dave went over and above in the sale of my rental property. I appreciate his honesty and integrity and I would highly recommend him. He dealt with a difficult rental situation during Covid and he did an excellent job.


Dave did such a wonderful job selling the house very quickly to the right people for the right price. He has so much enthusiasm and stokes it’s really fun to work with him. If I had to do another realty transaction I will use him again definitely. I highly recommend him he was great.


Where do I start? The most upbeat optimistic person I know. He’s all about win-win real estate transactions. Hard-working, impeccable integrity, great negotiator, a friendly and fun person! If you are buying or selling real estate on Maui I can’t imagine a better person to handle your property.


Dave was dedicated from the beginning, advising us on cost-effective improvements to get the best return on investment. He was very patient with us as first-time home sellers, especially with the complications that come with trying to buy a new home contingent on this sale. Thanks, Dave!


Working with Dave has been the very best selling experience! His knowledge of the local market was spot on. Our home sold within 2 days of listing. Dave provided excellent service, keeping us updated throughout the process. I could not have asked for anything more. Thank you!


I contacted Dave to sell my house which was in a terrible state after 20 years of rental. I could not oversee the repairs being in Chicago and the house in Maui. Not only Dave sold the house for the asking price before it was even on the market, but he also coordinated all the work with the repairmen. provided local service contacts and even shopped for a dishwasher and toilets at the local stores when I could find anything suitable online. I cannot say enough praise for Dave and his unconditional support as my agent. Highly recommend. Dave rocks!


My husband and I have sold several homes over the years and Dave Futch is by far the best REALTOR we have ever worked with. When we began working with Dave we were in a difficult situation, a family emergency required us to return to our home on the mainland and sell our home in Hawaii as soon as possible. Not only did dave handle the sale of our home (we had a buyer within days), but he also helped clear the house and garage of our belongings. Through it all, Dave was patient, sympathetic, honest, and willing to think outside the box. He was easily available even with the 6-hour time difference, always returning calls and texts. In our opinion Dave Futch is an outstanding REALTOR, truly going above and beyond to help his clients.

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As a local Maui resident since 1988 and a real estate agent since 1993, Dave has developed an extensive knowledge of this beautiful island, its diverse climates, and topographies, and also of the special types of communities around the island.

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