August 8, 2023 was the day that devastating wildfires broke out in Kula and Lahaina.
I am still stunned and saddened as so many lives were lost and many others are unaccounted for. We all lost significant Historical sites and good folks lost their homes and businesses. Each day is met with a heavy heart and a new challenge.
I was moved by the way the local community immediately sprang into action, providing much-needed help to those that were affected. Maui residents selflessly rose to the occasion, exhibiting our Hawaiian Value, "Kokua". Since then, the world-wide outpouring of support shows how the world loves Maui. Knowing that the fabric of this community is so caring and so supportive of one another really helps to balance how we feel. I am heartened by the well-intended individuals that became leaders and have confidence that this big heart and determination will prevail throughout the recovery process. The hard work to rebuild will require so much time, money, patience and understanding. If you, like many others would like to participate, there are many ways to do so. 
You may Click Here to find a good list from organizations that have shown to be reliable.
Meanwhile, I ask you to discourage investors from taking advantage of the wildfire victims. Investors should not reach out to these individuals or ask agents to contact owners to find out if anyone wants to sell their property in Lahaina or Kula. Realtors will not be contacting owners to see if they want to sell. Any Lahaina or Kula owners that want or need to sell their property will reach out to a licensed Realtor who is bound by the Code of Ethics. These properties will be found publicly on the MLS.
The Governor has issued an Emergency Proclamation whereby those found guilty of the crime may be imprisoned and fined. Let's all support those in need.
Remember that Maui is open to visitors but please stay clear of Lahaina to allow the work to proceed without interruption. Please come and do business with the shops and eat at the restaurants, they need you. Local businesses, and employees of the open hotels need to maintain the flow.

Maui Fire Relief Resources

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