Hawaiian Electric: Exciting New Shared Solar Program Moves Forward

Hawaiian Electric: Exciting New Shared Solar Program Moves Forward

Hawaiian Electric’s new “Shared Solar” program is moving forward with preliminary approval just received from the Public Utilities Commission. This is exciting news for more community-based sustainable living.

What is Shared Solar?

Hawaiian Electric's “Shared Solar” or “Community-Based Renewable Energy” program provides the benefits of solar energy to residential and commercial customers who can’t install a private rooftop solar system - which includes many renters and apartment dwellers.

Watch the video below to learn more about “Shared Solar”.

What are their next phases?

For Subscriber Organizations - Hawaiian Electric will be seeking subscriber organizations and working to bring them online after final program approval expected in mid-September.

For Customers -
Participants will be able to sign-up for shared solar after subscriber organizations have contracted with Hawaiian Electric to develop a project for their island. When the program launches, low-to-moderate-income customers will be encouraged to participate.

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