Dave Futch Rated Top 10% of Zillow Premier Agents

Dave Futch Rated Top 10% of Zillow Premier Agents

Zillow.com has steadily become one of the leading online real estate marketplaces, with a database of 110 million+ U.S. homes. So to be rated among the top 10% of Zillow Premier Agents is no small feat, which excitedly, Dave Futch, local Maui based real estate agent at Hawai’i Life, has just been awarded for his exceptional service, rated by buyers and sellers.

Buying a home can be a daunting, complicated and overwhelming process, which is why Zillow.com - one of the leading online realestate marketplaces with a database of 110 million U.S. homes - wants their buyers and sellers to be in the best hands and connect with the best Real Estate Professionals.

Zillow.com created a data-driven, customer-experience based scoring system that rewards “best-in-class” agent performance and makes sure consumers know who those best agents are.

For agents with a “Customer Experience Score” of “90 or higher”, it means buyers and sellers have experienced their service to be exceptionally “above and beyond” throughout their home shopping process.

Excitedly, Dave Futch, local Maui-based real estate agent with Hawai’i Life, has just been awarded this prestigious “Best of Zillow” distinction status, with a customer service experience score of 90+, or 5/5 stars, over his 61 total reviews.

It hasn’t come easy, however, yet with a lot of hard work, honesty, attention, and dedication to his customers and the service he provides them to gain their trusted reviews and feedback, based on his 35 years in the real estate industry.

Congratulations Dave Futch on achieving the top 10% “Best of Zillow” Premier Agent status!

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