5 Things to Expect During Your Home Renovation

5 Things to Expect During Your Home Renovation

Home renovation projects can be expensive, time-consuming, and messy. Even if you’ve done it before, you’ll want to plan as much as possible before you begin. Knowing what to expect and how to navigate common challenges will help the process run smoothly and ensure your home renovation produces the desired results. In this article from Dave Futch, we explore some common things to expect during your home renovation so you can be prepared!

Your Contractors Will Use Estimating Software

Before hiring contractors, try to get quotes from a few different professionals. This will ensure you pay the best possible price for high-quality work. It helps to know how contractors come up with estimates so you can be informed during discussions about pricing. Different contractors rely on different types of estimating apps or tools. For example, roof estimating software allows contractors to calculate complex measurements for roof areas, use local pricing data to estimate material costs, and account for taxes and markups. Many contractors use this construction management software to prepare quotes for clients.

You Might Want to Add a Home Office

Once you start making changes to your home, you might wish you had planned a few extra upgrades. For example, turning an extra bedroom into a home office is a great way to support a work-from-home lifestyle. If you decide to include a home office in your renovation plans, try to locate your office in a room with plenty of natural light. If the room is lacking natural light, plan to invest in good overhead lighting as well as task and accent lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Communicating Your Ideas Can Be Challenging

Communicating your ideas and wishes to contractors can be difficult. On pricy renovation projects, misunderstandings are the last thing you want. Learn how to communicate with contractors so you can get your ideas across effectively. NedStevens.com suggests sitting down with your contractor and making a communication plan. This will give you both a chance to establish your communication preferences and boundaries. Consider also scheduling weekly progress report meetings to ensure you always know what’s going on with the renovations.

You Might Need Permits

Depending on the type of work you’re doing, you might need to obtain permits from your city before starting. FamilyHandyman.com lists several home improvements that might require a permit. For example, permits are sometimes necessary for building retaining walls or fences, roofing work, electrical projects, and window or door replacements. Home renovations that deal mostly with interior design, such as bathroom remodeling projects, often do not require permits.

Your Neighbors Could Complain

If your home renovations create a lot of noise for a long time, there’s a chance your neighbors will complain. Try to be considerate of your neighbors throughout this process. Let your neighbors know about your renovation plans well in advance, sharing relevant information like the scope of the project and expected time frame. Ask for your neighbor’s schedule and try to schedule work while they’re out of the house. Remember to check in with your neighbors regularly and bring peace offerings to make up for particularly noisy parts of the project.
When it comes to home renovation projects, you can never spend too much time planning and preparing. Consider what upgrades you want, such as adding a home office, before setting your plans in stone. Learn how your contractors work, including how they use estimating software to determine project pricing. And try to keep the peace with your neighbors!

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